Studia Informatica

Volume: 1-2(17)
Year: 2013
Publishing: Publishing House of University of Natural Science
Scientific Editor: Wojciech Penczek
ISSN: 1731-2264


Barczak A., Zacharczuk D., Korzeniecka A.,
The influence of indexing methods on effective functioning of the database
pp. 5-18
Abstract: The article describes the different types of indexes. Their characteristic determines whether and when they can be used to improve database performance. Then studies are performed using different indices for different situations. The conclusions of the study can be serve as a guide to correct use of indexes.
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Koczkodaj W.W., Mackasey W.O., Smolewski I., Tadeusiewicz R.,
How to Support Government Procurement by a Pairwise Comparisons Model
pp. 19-28
Abstract: This study demonstrates how a government procurement process could be improved by the pairwise comparisons method. A case study, related to assessment of project proposals is used for demonstration purpose. The project proposals were requested by a Canadian government agency to assess the environmental and public safety hazards of abandoned mines. However, the presented model is applicable (with easy-to-implement modifications) to any other case of government procurement.
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Skaruz J., Penczek W., Niewiadomski A.,
Solving the abstract planning problem using genetic algorithms
pp. 29-48
Abstract: The paper presents a new approach based on genetic algorithms to the abstract planning problem, which is the first stage of the web service composition problem. An abstract plan is defined as an equivalence class of sequences of service types that satisfy a user query. Intuitively, two sequences are equivalent if they are com-posed of the same service types, but not necessarily occurring in the same order. The objective of our genetic algorithm (GA) is to return representatives of abstract plans without generating all the equivalent sequences. The paper presents experimental re-sults compared with the results obtained from SMT-solver, which show that GA finds solutions for very large sets of service types in a reasonable time.
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Novikov S.,
Parallelization of computations for finding the rank of a rectangular matrix
pp. 49-62
Abstract: The paper presents two parallel algorithms for finding the rank of a rectangular matrix and two parallel algorithms for generation of combinations without repetitions represented by Boolean vectors, that are used in an algorithm for finding the rank of a rectangular matrix.
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Salamonczyk A., Mokrzycki W.,
Relationship between scanning resolution and viewing angle on view sphere with perspective
pp. 63-72
Abstract: This article provides relationship between scanning resolution of acquisition device and flare of angle of viewing cone. Knowing the technical parameters of equipment, a viewing representation adapted to this device can be generated. The rep-resentation of polyhedral object is obtained from viewing sphere with perspective model.
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Timofeev A. O., Ushakov P.,
Model of microcontroller for education purpose
pp. 73-80
Abstract: It is emphasized that simulation modeling of compound electronic devices is one of the effective methods of education and training of electronics engineers, but the problem of wide time to waiting of results in simulation modeling of compound electronic devices come into being. Programming system Amethyst design compound models, for which the waiting time of results is in reasonable limits. The model of microcontroller PIC18F6720, which is used on lessons "Embedded systems", is de-scribed and results of experiments with the model are presented. Experiments with the model lead to the conclusion that the model can be used in the process of education and training of electronics engineers.
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