Studia Informatica

Volume: 1-2(15)
Year: 2011
Publishing: Publishing House of University of Natural Sciences and Humanities
Scientific Editor: Andrzej Wisniewski
ISSN: 1731-2264


Timofeev A. O., Ushakov P.,
Algorithms for calculation of electrical circuit state
pp. 5-14
Abstract: Algorithms of calculation of a state of an electric circuit with passive components are described. Algorithms are intended for usage in system of simulation of the mixed electronic devices. Each component of a circuit is presented by program model of high complexity. In this article the resistor model is described. Electric voltages in circuit nodes are calculated by method of summation of volt-ampere characteristics. Component models control iterations at calculation of circuit nodes voltage. Results of calculation of voltage in R-2R ladder of the digital-to-analog converter are presented.
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Hryniów K., Dzieliński A.,
Negative feature selection algorithm for anomaly detection in real time
pp. 15-23
Abstract: Anomaly detection methods are of common use in many fields, including databases and large computer systems. This article presents new algorithm based on negative feature selection, which can be used to find anomalies in real time. Proposed algorithm, called Negative Feature Selection algorithm (NegFS) can be also used as first step for preprocessing data analyzed by neural networks, rule-based systems or other anomaly detection tools, to speed up the process for large and very large datasets of different types.
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Barczak A., Sydoruk T.,
Barriers to computerization of management systems - Myths or reality?
pp. 25-33
Abstract: The work presents the most common barriers limiting the process of computerization of management systems, including . especially . e-administration systems. Frequently published views do differ and the listed barriers are indeed vanishing. The authors are trying to determine whether the common views are still valid or whether they remain a myth.
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Novikov S.,
Parallelization of computations for lossless data compression
pp. 35-41
Abstract: The paper presents two algorithms of parallelization of computations for lossless data compression. It is proposed as a parallel algorithm for Huffman coding and a parallel algorithm for coding of a set of numbers by the family of arithmetic progressions.
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Wesołowski Z.,
Identification of systems reliability
pp. 43-54
Abstract: A purpose of the article is discussing the method of technical systems reliability modelling. The most important methods used for constructing realist models of the physical world, i.e. the method of the experimental modelling and the method of the probabilistic modelling, were presented. The particular attention was focussed on the method of the probabilistic modelling allowing for taking into account uncertainty in functioning of systems. An example of using the proposed method to the modelling of the reliability of the air-traffic-control-system was quoted.
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